Rugs and carpets can be used to improve energy flow and as a feng shui remedy for having excessive amounts or too little of one of the feng shui elements in your home design.

You may have excellent feng shui in your home, but you’d want a little more positive energy. Continue reading to learn how the correct feng shui rugs 21 rules and placement for every room might help you achieve your goals.

Importance Of Feng Shui Doormat and rugs?

The correct doormat, according to feng shui regulations, can provide a burst of positivity every time you or a visitor walks over it to enter your…

likes open spaces within living areas of the house such as the rooms and foyers. Improper pillars and beams in the house are treating as bad feng shui house features.

And they have to be avoided while building a new home. Any structural impediment can have an impact on how energy naturally flows and emits sha chi, and the worst part is that these structures can’t always be removed.

But there are for every life issue be it like these in the house. These impairments of home designs are known as the “ pierce through the heart” in feng shui…

In this blog, we are going to explore the Top 15 Bad Feng Shui House Features That Create Serious Conflicts and that impacts the overall well being of the family members.

There are numerous architectural flaws in a house including a floor plan, a washroom confronting the front way to a flight of stairs in the focal point of a home and many more.

These 15 Bad Feng Shui House Features or flaws can be easily handled while building or purchasing a new house. The same also can be watched while someone is selling a house. …

Cactus flowers (type of succulents) are quite prominent in the field of landscape design. In particular, their berries, as well as buds, are used in drinks, salads, and sometimes even jellies. Cactus plants may simply be combined with several other drought-tolerant plants, trees, shrubs, and decorative grasses to create a stunning and healthy garden.

It is generally acknowledged that cactus prefer arid conditions and do not require a lot of water. However, just because you’re caring for a cactus doesn’t guarantee you won’t run into issues.

You may have observed that your cactus has gradually begun to appear yellow or…

Prickly pear cactus (Succulent ) are fast-growing cacti with detachable spines, thus they may not be ideal for many gardens. Prickly pear cactus plants are best grown in the garden’s hot location. The cactus plant is made up of wide, flat, thick pads with spines and segmented stalks.

For better Paddle Cactus Care you need to find the hottest place to keep them. Find a spot full of direct sunlight. As they nurture in the dry and hottest place. Also, note to never overwater Paddle Cactus, otherwise, they will become brown and start to develop yellow edges. …

The layout of your home, the alignment of its, the color of your wall surfaces, and the shutters you place are not the only things to consider when it comes to.

The roof styles are equally essential. Roofing layouts that contradict harmony ( the attribute of being composed of exactly comparable pieces facing one another or along an axis) are not regarded favourable for Feng Shui, says Feng Shui professionals.

The roof shields the structure from direct sunshine, rain, as well as wind. These considerations must be taken into account while planning the roof shapes for houses. …

The prayer plant derives its popular name based on the fact that its foliage lie flat throughout the day then curls upwards resembling praying hands by nighttime.

Because of its magnificent ornamental leaves, the prayer plant is amongst the most easily identified tropicals. Vibrant green glossy leaves featuring yellow smudges along the midrib as well as soaring red veins running to the leaf edges distinguish the renowned tricolor type. The prayer plant is a slow-growing interior plant that can develop up to a foot tall.

For proper Prayer plant care its important to maintain low light indoors. They are sensitive…

Lemons are purifiers as well as cleaners of sha chi, or bad chi, according to certain feng shui experts. Lemons are utilized as instruments for eliminating bad chi energy in your house since they are associated with significant environmental benefits.

Lemons open the way for good chi energies to emerge as well as circulate inside your home.

In certain feng shui techniques, 9 lemons in a bowl are considered prosperous. To bring prosperity and remove bad energy, some feng shui experts believe by putting 9 lemons in a bowl.

There are two theories for placing nine lemons in a bowl…

Aloe plants have chubby, freckled leaves which are both medicinal and edible. Aloe plants prefer to be a little dry, and just about all issues are triggered by overwatering or using the wrong potting method.

Aloe vera, still one of the most accommodating, is a pleasant houseplant in several cases. The plant will have few issues as long as it has good drainage as well as enough light. So many factors could perhaps make an aloe vera brown and wilt.

The top culprit for Aloe Plant Turning Brown And Wilting is Overwatering as aloe plant already contains sufficient water so…

Aphelandra squarrosa, often referred to as the Zebra Plant, is a tropical shrub native to Brazil. It’s known for being a houseplant with large green and white leaves and brilliant blooms, and it’s usually cultivated indoors.

Whenever a Zebra plant is in bloom (typically in late summertime or early fall), it produces long golden flowers that can attain many inches in length as well as a quantity of two to four per , which could last up to six weeks.

The Zebra plant, as with several tropical trees and shrubs, can sometimes be difficult to cultivate indoors, particularly in colder…

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