Top 10 Feng Shui Remedies For The exposed Pillars In House

likes open spaces within living areas of the house such as the rooms and foyers. Improper pillars and beams in the house are treating as bad feng shui house features.

And they have to be avoided while building a new home. Any structural impediment can have an impact on how energy naturally flows and emits sha chi, and the worst part is that these structures can’t always be removed.

But there are for every life issue be it like these in the house. These impairments of home designs are known as the “ pierce through the heart” in feng shui. The location of these exposed pillars in house will define which of the household’s life will be affected by their negative impacts. Most of the curses originating from exposed beams and pillars will be addressed in this article.

What Pillars Indicate in the house as per Feng Shui ?

Exposed Pillars In House

The goal of pillars and columns in a house is to distribute the load uniformly across the floor. However, if they are constructed in the incorrect location or orientation, they may cause harm to the occupants.

A poorly constructed pillar might stifle the growth of family members and lead to disagreements. As a result, understanding the basic principles of Vastu and feng shui for pillars in the house, as well as Vastu for beams, is critical.

Are exposed pillars a bad feng shui home? What all sector it impacts

An exposed pillar in the living room cuts through the core of the house like a blade. The location of these unattractive pillars in the house will define which elements of the household’s life will be affected by their negative impacts.

  1. When there is an exposed pillar in the living room, wealth luck is disrupted, and terrible luck, including poor health, can befall the patriarch.
  2. When it comes to the kitchen area, the matriarch can grow irritable and ill, and her luck can suffer as well.
  3. Residents’ careers would be jeopardized if the bad layout is on the front balcony. and there would be very few chances to advance.

Top 15 feng shui Remedies For Exposed Pillars In House?

Exposed Pillars In House Feng Shui Cures

Placing a mirror on an exposed pillar will help to visually “ remove “ it. When using this option, keep in mind that the mirror’s upper part must be at least above the head in order to be functional.

2. Wallpapers

  • The goal behind putting wallpapers on pillars as a solution for bad feng shui house design is to help it blend in with the background walls of the room.
  • This is done so that the pillar can go unnoticed from certain angles unless a resident makes an effort to detect it.

3. Paintings

  • If paintings were hung on the pillars, the house occupant would be greeted by the artwork rather than the menacing “sword” through the heart.
  • This has the potential to transform negative bad energies into positive good ones.
  • Mountains in landscape paintings are a wonderful choice because they are often auspicious and create a mountain of protection between you and the pillar.

4. Plants

  • Feng shui friendly Plants have a greater impact in correcting the energies. Potted plants are a popular solution for freestanding or exposed pillars. Place them at the pillar’s corners, especially. It is preferable if the plants are taller.
  • However, keep in mind that the plants should not be allowed to grow to an excessive size in comparison to the available living area.
  • Even knee-height little plants would provide some protection, which is preferable to doing nothing.

5. Build a cabinet

  • This is a pretty powerful remedy for permanently removing a pillar from space and the effective answer to the question “how to get rid of bad luck in the house”.
  • The pillar is successfully made into a wall by adding a cabinet as an extension to it. As a result, the feng shui affliction would be removed from the property.
  • The cabinet should be at least one foot taller than the individual making use of the cure.

6. Five emperor coins

  • The five Emperor coins are coins that originate in the Qing dynasty during the era of the Five Qing Emperors.
  • It is thought that when the coins are exhibited together, they can bring good luck and effectively fight off negative energy. As a result, it’s widely utilized as a quick fix for sha chi problems.
  • At an angle of 45 from the overhead beam suspend two bamboo f to represent the Bagua.
  • The mouthpieces should be pointing up. The mouthpieces of the flutes can also be hung vertically with the mouthpieces facing up.

7. Fake Firecrackers

  • Hang fake firecrackers in a characteristic lucky red color to infuse the room with energizing, uplifting chi.
  • Firecrackers serve the purpose of providing you with increased good energy or chi thereby eliminating the bad chi arising from the exposed beam or pillar.

8. Canopy Cures

Hanging a canopy over the bed under the beam in the bedroom offers visual respite and a smoothing effect, which reduces the strong, linear chi from the beams.

9. Lightening

  • Place a light beneath or adjacent to the beams. This provides a warmer environment with qi and eliminates the creation of an unseen force.
  • If no light is permitted, such as in your bedroom, drape a piece of cloth over the beam loosely enough to allow qi to flow freely.

10. Laughing Buddha

  • Any laughing buddha can not suffice. The Laughing Buddha must be in the well-known posture of pointing up with his arms as if holding something such as a beam.
  • Putting it beneath the beam will need it to act as a mountain, sustaining the beam. Considering the manner the laughing Buddha is grinning, it appears that this work is far too simple for him.

How To Decorate A-Pillars In House As a feng shui cure?

Rather than removing your pillar or beam, one may beautify the drab pillars as well as make them seem lovely, thereby removing the bad feng shui. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Make a Green Décor Out of Your Column.
  2. Use a wall mirror to dress up the column.
  3. Build a café or an eating area out of your column.
  4. Wooden materials should be used to cover the column.
  5. Within that Column, put a wall lamp or a crystal chandelier.
  6. To get an antique vintage feel, leave the column uncompleted.
  7. Placing a piece of art pieces or wallpaper within your column.

Feng Shui Cures For A Pillar In The Northeast Corner

  • A notable flaw in the home is the pillar on the northeast side. The presence of pillars is comparable to pounding a spike into our skull. It is a bad feng shui design.
  • Since a pillar is a vital building component of a home, your only choice is to reduce the impacts. You may cover the pillar using a mirror to make it vanish metaphorically.
  • Maintain as much cleanliness as possible in the northeast quarter; do not let this area become untidy.

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