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Meaning Of Feng Shui Dragon in Chinese

What Is The Importance Of Feng Shui Dragon?

Dragon Turtle Facing Direction

Feng Shui Dragon Picture Placement

Feng Shui Phoenix and Dragon Placement- Tips

  • Place the dragon in an open space with a good flow of Chi energy.
  • Make sure the dragon does not have its eyes on the window or the door (the same goes for the claw and the pearl).
  • Treat the dragon with respect so that it benefits you with all its energy.
  • Make sure your feng shui dragon looks towards the house (to attract the energy of dragon wealth and prosperity, can try mandarin ducks also) and does not look out the window, for example.
  • Do not put your feng shui dragon in front of a wall or place the dragon in a narrow/restricted corner of your room.
  • Avoid having the pearl in the dragon’s claw facing the window or the door.
  • Do not place many feng shui cures too close to your dragon.
  • Dragons are powerful and magical feng shui creatures with a lot of powerful energy that can go in any direction.
  • Give your feng shui dragon plenty of room to breathe and treat the dragon with respect.



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