Feng Shui Coins: (13+) Cures And Enhancers For Wealth

We must take into account, as before proceeding to place the Chinese Feng Shui coins in a certain place in the home or office.

It is better to pay attention at first to how many coins it contains. In this article, we will develop more understanding of Feng Shui Coins.

What Does a Frog With Coin In Its Mouth Mean?

This is called Fortune with (Chinese fortune coins) or Money Frogs because it carries a coin in its mouth and sits upon a pile of gold coins visually. In China, you will find this at every store, restaurant, and business place.

The coin with the good fortune also called the (fortune coins) symbol always faces an upward direction to attract wealth. And the coins around its feet offer protection from misfortune.

Why Do Old Chinese Coins Have Holes?

Most Old Chinese Coins were presented with a square hole in the middle. This is because it used to allow collections of coins to be threaded easily on a square rod. So that collection of the rough edges could be filed smooth, and then combined on strings for ease of handling.

Lucky Chinese Coins Meaning, Configurations, and Application

Below we are going to understand all about Chinese lucky coins meaning and how to tie feng shui coins with respect to each number.

1 Chinese Lucky Coins represents heaven with earth. It is good to use it in the purse or wallet.

2 Coins are especially useful for business, being suitable to tie them to a red ribbon. It is usual to place them on top of the doors of premises, companies, and offices.

3 Coins are effective at home, by avoiding infidelity on the part of a member of the couple.

It is advisable to tie them in a circle with a red ribbon at the head of the bed or place them in the 4 corners of the bed. In addition, they activate luck, prosperity, and union in the couple.

4 Coins are not suitable or conducive to Feng Shui. Therefore, it is not advisable to place it in any area of ​​the home or workplace.

5 Coins in case of suffering spells or bad energies. They should be tied with a red ribbon. The best place to place them is at the entrance of the main door.

6 Coins help keep the family together. Placed with bells or bells help activate good chi. They can be placed in the handle or clamp of the door of the premises, office, or house.

7 Chinese Lucky Coins help bring luck. They have come with a red ribbon. There is no place of preference to place them.

8 Coins represent prosperity and wealth, bringing luck. As with the previous seven lucky Chinese coins, there is no place to be placed. Of course, they should be tied in a red ribbon.

Where To Place Feng Shui 8 Coins -To activate the Chinese money 8 coin cure place 8 Coins near the below areas as you are the main judge. Also, you can hang 8 Chinese coins at the below places.

  • Near cash register,
  • Inside the front door,
  • Near your financial papers,
  • Near the phone to receive good news,
  • Or any other place which is important for you in terms of finance.

9 Coins represent the fullness of the Universe. Tied to a red ribbon, they can serve as hanging ornaments, or without red ribbon, put them on a table or on the office desk.

10 Feng Shui Coins represent full unity, no division. It also serves as the union, and mostly use as a sign of abundance in some aspects of some feng shui belief and culture.

Where Can I Put My Feng Shui Coins At Front Door?

You also can put lucky coins at the front door. On the inside of your front door, with your financial papers, near the phone, or any other place that feels important to you.

Along with that, you can use the 6 or 9 lucky coins cure as an annual feng shui cure in the affected Bagua areas as per your annual stars.

Significance Of Putting Feng Shui Coins Under Bed

Putting Feng Shui Coins Under Bed helps to promote a positive vibe in you and can improve financial abilities. Place nine(9) feng shui coins under the bed below your sleeping area.

It activates all the money cures with red-colored ( fire element) box and the metal element.

Find below my picks for you , if you want to activate your own money cure.

What To Do With Existing Feng Shui Cures?

This is the most common question which is asked when we talk about the cures and that cannot be answered by a simple “Yes or “No” answer.

Here we are dividing them into “ protectors” and “ enhancers “ so that you can decide, what should you do with your annual feng shui cures.

Many feng shui cures can go into both categories, so it is up to your decision will be based on how a specific cure was used this year.

Types of Feng Shui Cures

Protectors: You can use these feng shui cures that you used in the challenging areas of your home or office Bagua.

Under the protector category, you can have a saltwater cure, the Pi Yao / Pi Xiu, the Chi Lin, the Fu Dogs, the 6-rod metal wind chimes, etc.

Enhancers: The main aim of these enhancers are to increase the vibe of that area. Here are some enhancers for bringing positive energies are the gem, or crystal .

Both Combined: Above both cures can be used in both challenging, as well as auspicious energy areas.

What To Consider When Making Your Decision?

Here are the most important factors based on that you can make your decision as to whether to reuse or discard an existing feng shui cure.

  • How Feng Shui cure was used throughout the year?
  • What material is been used for your Feng Shui cure?

In other cases, like if you used a feng shui cure that is made from low -quality material.

The plastic then discarding them would be a good idea. Read more about Feng shui coins.

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