21 zebra plant care instructions [aphelandra squarrosa indoors Guide]

Aphelandra squarrosa, often referred to as the Zebra Plant, is a tropical shrub native to Brazil. It’s known for being a houseplant with large green and white leaves and brilliant blooms, and it’s usually cultivated indoors.

Whenever a Zebra plant is in bloom (typically in late summertime or early fall), it produces long golden flowers that can attain many inches in length as well as a quantity of two to four per , which could last up to six weeks.

The Zebra plant, as with several tropical trees and shrubs, can sometimes be difficult to cultivate indoors, particularly in colder climates.

The Zebra Plant Care indoor and maintenance is very crucial. To grow, the Aphelandra squarrosa demands a lot of humidity, sunlight, as well as nourishment, and indoor circumstances aren’t always ideal for the houseplant. A Zebra plant, given the appropriate focus and concern, may live for many quarters, if not the entire year.

Let us discuss everything step by step on how to care for zebra plants indoors in this article. For both old and new farmers thinking about cultivating zebra plants, the instructions in this article will make your planting easier.

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Zebra Plant (Aphelandra squarrosa) Plant Profile

Are Zebra Plants Easy To Grow As Houseplants?

Aphelandra squarrosa (zebra plant) is a sensitive houseplant. It is always cultivated for its gorgeous golden blooms and brilliantly patterned leaves.

If provided the proper upkeep and situational factors, the zebra plant thrives inside. It is, nevertheless, a sensitive plant that may quickly drop its leaves and grow leggy if not properly cared for.

Although the golden or yellow bloom leaves which grow for around six weeks are beautiful, the Aphelandra squarrosa (botanical term) leaves on their own renders the plant a wonderful indoor decorative plant.

We’ve compiled and outlined a few of the advantages of owning zebra plants as well as recommend reasons you ought to obtain one as well.

Zebra Plant Upkeep is simple

  • The zebra plant is without uncertainty one of the most tricky plants to grow. They demand very little water and very little sunshine. They might appear fragile, but they only want a small amount of assistance.
  • The sunshine must be absolutely moderate, which means not too much or far less light, simply the right amount of warmth for the plant. Irrigation must be conducted on a schedule, and pesticides are not necessarily required.
  • Therefore, for people who hate having plants at home since they are difficult and time-demanding, this indoor plant would be the ideal option.
  • Zebra plants are an excellent present for anybody in your circle who enjoys interior design or merely enjoys decorating their home.
  • Zebra flowers might be among the greatest living room decorations, as well as the quality air cleanser for showers, as well as the ideal good fortune for bedrooms.
  • This plant appears to be the ideal match for each and every corner and cranny of a house or workplace, plus it will blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

Zebra plants appear to be attractive, fascinating, and luxurious

This has been said before, and it will be repeated once again. The Zebra plant would be one of your home’s most appealing features.

It’s a lovely ornamental plant that has an elegant appearance and is a visual delight. Its bunches of thick foliage make it a unique attraction and the patterns add to the shaped appearance. It may be displayed on just about any desk or shelf.

This may be a lovely addition to your bedroom, an elegant sign in the living area, and a wonderful refresher in the shower.

It improves mental wellness

The Zebra plant, as an indoor and low-maintenance plant, might be the finest to have for mental wellness feeding and comfort, and you will unknowingly be impacted by it.

Taking Care Of A Zebra Plant- 6 things to remember

Find below cruscial instructons for Aphelandra squarossa care indoors ;

1. Temperature And Humidity

  • Zebra plants thrive in mild conditions which must be at most 60 degrees Fahrenheit and should never go under 55 degrees Fahrenheit, according to their tropic roots.
  • Zebra plant care also requires a high level of humidity, thus its environment must be managed at 60 to 70% humidity. If these circumstances cannot be attained normally inside, a humidifier could be used to enhance humidity rates.
  • Ultimately, preserve your plant at a consistent temperature by preventing large temperature swings in either way and moving it far from any openings that may cause it to get too cold or hot, like an air conditioner.

The recommended soil for Zebra care is moderate to acidic soil. Regarding a Zebra plant, a multi-purpose gardening mix would be enough, you may also add sand to guarantee that the medium drains effectively.

If you want a blooming zebra plant, nourish it each one to two weeks throughout its planting period, which is summer and spring.

Follow the complete guide here on caring [Aphelandra Squarrosa Indoors Guide]

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