2024 Top 31 Chinese New Year Flowers + Fruits Ideas To Buy

Bhawana Rathore
5 min readDec 28, 2023

Chinese New Year Flowers- The Chinese New Year decorations and traditions see various choices based on what kind of vibe a household wants to invite.

Symbolism is an essential part of the celebrations, and families are mindful of investing their time and energy in it.

There are Chinese flowers for good luck and wealth, and the Chinese new year’s flower arrangement happens to be a unique factor. People usually visit their loved ones once on new year’s eve and send Chinese new year gift baskets.

Chinese New Year Flowers & Fruits are a part of the traditional meal, and the specifics are essential. We will discuss the below things in detail.

  • List of lucky Chinese new year flowers
  • Best Chinese New Year flower arrangement
  • Chinese new year flower yellow, chrysanthemum
  • Best Chinese New Year fruits

What Flowers Are Seen In China On Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year flowers 2024 are aligned with ‘The Year of the Rabbit’, and so are the fruits and plants. Fruits and flowers are exchanged among families and hence, are kept in handy. The most common Chinese new year flower plant is cotton. Which is used in every house.

  • Not just houses, but shops, offices, and commercial spaces are redecorated on this occasion, and it is a tradition that is followed by due diligence.
  • Chinese New Year lucky flowers bring in health, wealth, fame, and fortune.
  • Based on the famous Chinese Proverb 花開富貴 (“blossom flowers bring wealth”), the flowers add color and life to the festivities that also include fireworks, traditional dances, and a joyous gathering.
  • In this article, we will discuss a few flowers that are used in the Chinese New Year and their significance.

Best Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas

Chinese New Year Decorations incorporate containers of pretty tree blooms, platters of oranges and tangerines, candy plates with eight assortments of dried sweet organic products, Chinese paper lights, lovely couplets, and upbeat wishes composed on red paper for entryway and divider enhancement.

Plants and blossoms are extraordinary Chinese New Year Decorations. Each customary Chinese family has live sprouting plants in delightful improving jars or flawless artistic creations in Asian style.

Sprouting tree limbs and spring blossoms represent resurrection and new development.

Now let’s find all the lucky feng shui flowers that are used in the Chinese new year. Each Chinese flower’s meaning and significance are unique. So choose correctly, below are the Chinese flower’s names.

Tropical in nature, Apricot Blossom is the flower for luck used in the Chinese new year. They are bright yellow and resemble the appearance of gold sprinkled over the soil. The color of the flower determines its meaning and is used accordingly.

Peach Blossom symbolism in a Chinese New Year flower selection is of significance. Known to bring in romance and help families prosper, these bright flowers are sacred to the Chinese.

They are seen around couples and newlyweds who want a little something in their relationship.

Seen popularly in warmer temperatures, these are considered auspicious lunar new year flowers. These right-luck flowers have a divine smell and represent wealth. Narcissus flower in Chinese New Year makes for a great accompaniment.

Silver Willow in China symbolizes growth and usually lasts longer than any other Chinese New Year Flower & Plant. They are elegant and fluffy and appear as tall sticks sold as a bunch. Since they are of a low-maintenance category, they make great houseplants.

Bright red, these Chinese New Year flowers offer courage and reliability. They make incredible decorations because of the color and the meaning.

And also because its effect lasts longer than other flowers. Chinese new year flower red is a vibrant shade that gives people the power to go on.

With a swollen stem and red and pink variants, these flowers are meant to bring in wealth. The amount of wealth it delivers is considered to be directly proportional to the swelling of the stem’s base.

They are popular as gifting alternatives to people we want to see prospering and growing.

Azaleas bloom in groups and hence, bring harmony. Azalea’s spiritual meaning refers to the feeling of homesickness and temperance. They also signify familial duties.

They are meant to bring in the emotions associated with homecoming and reuniting.

Another flower for the new year, these heart-shaped flowers are vibrant and stand for enthusiasm related to personal and professional matters and bring joy and peace.

They bring with them a boost of energy and brighten up space. They are one of the best flowers for new Year for enhancing the beauty of the house.

Best Chinese New Year Flower Arrangement Ideas

Flowers are used in Chinese homes with a plant that sprouts before New Year’s Eve, bringing flourishing, well-being,and abundance to individuals living in the house.

These decorative layouts are significant home designs that represent companions and fellowship.

You can either keep plants and new years flowers like the plum tree bloom or beautiful flower paintings.

Other choices are lucky bamboo, Pussy willow, azalea, peony, and water lily or narcissus blossom plans are exceptionally well-known Chinese New Year enrichments moreover.

What Are The Lucky Chinese New Year Fruits?

In Feng Shui fruit arrangements on new year’s eve are equally symbolic in Chinese culture and are essential during the lunar new year.

They represent our connection to Mother Earth, and their various shapes have different meanings.

Feng shui fruits 2024 Fruits are equally symbolic in Chinese culture and are essential during the lunar new year. They represent our connection to Mother Earth, and their various shapes have different meanings.

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