2024: Feng Shui Lucky Food For New Year Celebration [Top 17]

Bhawana Rathore
3 min readOct 14, 2023

Do you want to know what are the top 17 lucky food for the new year 2024 as per feng shui? When you see the Chinese New Year around, it tells you one thing. It shows that spring is around the corner as winter just ended.

The Chinese New Year is held in high esteem and is a holiday considered important in China. It has great significance, and hence, it is celebrated in grand style and with much excitement.

The New Year is celebrated with different types of foods and fruits. Undisputedly, foods make the New Year celebration a remarkable one.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, we have compiled the 17 Feng Shui lucky foods for the New Year and their symbolism according to Chinese tradition. These foods can be used for the New Year celebration.

These foods are symbolic and can attract blessings for you in the New Year.

Check out the Feng Shui lucky food for New Year that can usher in good fortune and luck for you and your family as you celebrate the New Year.

What Are Chinese New Year Food Traditions?

The Chinese New Year is an ancient tradition that is celebrated remarkably, and hence certain foods are used to mark the celebration along with lucky flower decorations.

These Chinese New Year foods are made to release blessings for the New Year and are auspicious. These foods symbolize wealth, abundance, and happiness.

Not all types of foods are eaten during the Chinese New Year festival. The Chinese New Year foods have huge symbolism, which is why they are eaten during the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year foods that are generally used include fish, dumplings, fish, spring rolls, and fruits like oranges.

Let’s find all the food that is eaten on New Year’s Eve or the first day of the new year.

17 Feng Shui Lucky Foods For New Year Celebration

There are some foods used during the Chinese New Year to bring good luck and fortune. Check out the 17 foods that can give you good luck in the Chinese New Year.

1. Chinese Dumplings — For Wealth

The Chinese Dumplings symbolize wealth, and eating them on the New Year can bring abundance, prosperity, and good luck.

Chinese dumplings are prepared by adding certain ingredients, such as minced meat, together with lightly chopped vegetables draped in a slightly stretchy dough skin.

The most common fillings for Chinese dumplings include shredded shrimp, vegetables, beef, chicken, fish, and chopped pork.

2. Fish: For Boosting Prosperity

Fish is one of the most popular foods used to mark the Chinese New Year occasion.

As a traditional dish, the fish recipe is nutritious and enriching, and serving this recipe boosts prosperity and facilitates abundance in the New Year.

Fish is an auspicious food that attracts good luck. The symbolism of fish centers on having sufficient fish and keeps over to the New Year. This is interpreted as having enough things in the New Year.

3. Spring Rolls — For Abundance

This dish is traditionally prepared for the Chinese New Year because of its symbolism of wealth. Spring rolls are common in East China such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, etc.

Preparing spring rolls required wrapping the fillings in thin dough wrappers, proceeding with frying, and serving when you get a golden-yellow color.

4. Glutinous Rice Cake: Elevation at Work, Increased In Income

Glutinous rice cake is pronounced “going higher every year” in Chinese. Its symbolism while eating is gaining a higher position and prosperity in business and life.

If you want to enjoy advancement in your endeavors, let this meal be part of the dish you will serve in the New Year.

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