17 Things To Know About Evil Eye Protection [Placement + Uses]

Although the term feng shui “evil eye protection” sounds frightening, isn’t it? It’s not only a stunning combination of blue shades that contribute to the natural beauty of the blue and white historical structures in Greece, but it’s also a feng shui amulet for Evil Eye Protection.

The evil eye, also described as a Nazar, is an object that is used to shield people from the evil eye. According to legend, if anyone is given an evil eye glare by an adversary or foe, it can be fatal or cause great trouble and sadness.

In this article, to give you a better understanding of evil eye meaning and the beauty it holds, you will learn about the benefits of the evil eye, as well as how you can integrate one into your life for wealth, security, and good health purposes.

Significance Of Evil Eye Charm In Feng Shui

Evil Eye Protection Placement

The Feng Shui Evil Eye is a very strong, conventional Feng Shui defensive tool against negative energies. An iridescent blue glass crystal with circumferential tear-drop molded circles creating an eye-like pattern is a traditional Feng Shui Evil Eye protection.

The round form and blue color signify Heaven and Faith, while the representation in the middle, whether colored or cast in bronze, indicates a sacred, vigilant eye. It can be used to suppress negative energy for personal safety, infants, plants, animals, outside or within the home.

Hang a horseshoe or other Evil eye protection symbol in your home or office as self-defense. Wear bracelets or pieces of jewelry containing a single eye. Having evil eye protection will bring your home good fortunes.

Why its is called blue eye protection?

The amulets or objects are usually colored or made in blue to represent the eye color it is warding off Pertaining to Greece and Aegean nations, ‘blue-eyed’ individuals are deemed to bestow the curse whether accidentally or intentionally.

So the amulets are most often made with blue materials to reflect the eye color it is fighting off. The amulets are sometimes referred to as blue eye protection.

Evil Eye Protection For House

You can shield yourself and your house from evil eyes by painting the walls of your house with a vibrant tone of yellow which knocks out harmful energy. Yellow can make a room feel welcoming, humid, and cheerful. Dark colors should be avoided.

For you to have an evil eye protection house, you must keep the interior spaces clean and clutter-free regularly. Organize as much as possible so that the rooms appear tidy and orderly and that you can locate important items quickly.

Sharp-cornered furniture or decorative pieces should also be avoided. This way, members of your family and even your pets will be healthy and not in harm’s way.

10 Feng Shui Evil Eye Benefits

Evil Eye Protection Benefits

The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection against evil and it is used in Feng Shui for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  1. Similar to the Ba Gua Mirror, the Chinese evil eye charm is used to protect against negative energy and to deflect any Sha Qi that might be present outside the home.

Feng Shui Evil Eye Placement

We’ll show you where to hang Evil Eye in a few simple Feng Shui ways:

  • The colorful decorative symbol that protects you from evil can be placed at the house, which is where all energies enter.

To know more about Evil Eye Hanging Directions, How To Use Evil Eye For Home Entrance, How To Protect From Evil Eye, How To Wear Feng Shui Evil Eye Pendant click here.

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