15 Crystal Lotus Flower Feng Shui Benefits And Placements

The Crystal lotus flowers may appear unappealing at first look. Undoubtedly, the lotus’s structure and hues are beautiful, but beyond its delicate shell lies a deeper significance that dates back nearly to the dawn of time.

Several Asian cultures regard the flowers as hallowed, and it is regarded among the most spiritual plants on the planet.

The developmental process of the lotus is quite unlike that of any other flower. It sinks every nightfall under river water, as its root is stuck in the dirt, and mysteriously re-blooms the very next dawn, dazzling clean. This procedure is associated with reincarnation and spiritual awakening in many traditions.

Every component of the lotus flower has medical powers in traditional Chinese herbal remedies. First from the lotus base or roots to the lotus flowers, rendering this plant as a far more effective treatment for a happy and peaceful household.

This flower is thought to counteract bad energy with good energy, purifying the soul and allowing insight to gain knowledge, per the Feng Shui specialists.

The significance of the Lotus is depicted in Chinese mythology through a variety of signs and symbols. Ho Hsien Ku, part of the Eight Divine beings and the symbol of matrimony and romantic joy according to Taoist religion, holds a Lotus blossom with her.

Feng Shui Meaning And Significance Of Crystal Lotus Flower

Whenever the Crystal Lotus’ power is drained, it must be refreshed by setting it on a clear countertop having lights under it, which is a representation of the Fire component of the lighting reenergizing the Earth component of the crystal.

  1. It will purify the surroundings, giving loved ones a peaceful mind and allowing them to achieve their life goals.
  2. This lotus will assist with the modulation of Chi by stopping, accelerating, and eliminating stagnated chi.
  3. This Chi exercise will generate success, contentment, calmness, focus, and riches over time.
  4. The lotus flower crystal significance has several levels of relevance in Feng Shui. Since this one-of-a-kind flower emerges from the muck, it symbolizes triumph over adversity.
  5. The lotus is connected with wealth preservation since its petals provide refuge and safety for fish (a sign of prosperity).

Top 10 Benefits Of Crystal Lotus Flower In Feng Shui

  1. Crystal Lotus flower feng shui is known for Solving Problems and achieving success. The invigorated Crystal Lotus, as per Feng Shui teachings, provides development, love, and good fortune, and plenty of other great outcomes.
  2. According to feng shui, whenever the Crystal Lotus flower (Energized) is put in a location where there are intense debates, it has soothing effects and causes major changes.
  3. The Crystal Lotus is indeed invigorated when it comes to attracting money gains and great luck.
  4. In the philosophy of feng shui, the Crystal Lotus (Invigorated) is a treasured instrument. The sun’s light is collected by the gemstone (crystal), which radiates good energy and enthusiasm.
  5. Chromatic Reflection is created by the lotus, which is formed of glass gemstone. To draw good vibes and Chi into your home, set crystal lotus just next to a window.
  6. Crystal Lotus also denotes financial resources and riches, therefore keeping one in your house or business can help you attract more of it.
  7. Positive energy is emitted, which helps to re-energize family connections and relationships. It also helps to purify the surroundings by producing positive sensations.
  8. Give a calm and serene mood to family and friends. The crystal will disperse the lighting and produce lovely colors in your house, showering it in positive energies and instilling peace and hope.
  9. Set a crystal glass lotus flower in your romantic area to signify a blissful connection if you’re looking for the right spouse.
  10. The magnificent lotus flower’s gorgeous and relaxing impact should not be overlooked. Our calmer, more sensitive inclinations, as well as the explosive energy of fortune in our affairs, are both inspired and protected by its blooms.

Importance of Correct Locations For Placing Crystal Lotus Flower?

Crystal Lotus Flower Placement Tips

It is thought to have cleansing, which will purify the region and attract good fortune. The people in the family will be soothed and tensions will be substituted by good chi and love once the Feng Shui Lotus Flower Crystal is positioned in certain locations of the property where fights frequently occur.

The Lotus blossom is renowned as the “ flower of paradise” in Buddhism. It is considered to represent four fundamental virtues: attractiveness, tenderness, fragrance, and cleanliness. The Lotus, though planted in the muck, represents the cleanliness of the body, word, and intellect.

Its blossoms appear to hover above the murky seas of connection and want, blooming on woody stems. It also represents dissociation since water drops readily fall off its flowers. The flowers are also said to represent the unfolding of the heart by Buddhists.

The flower, just like lotus, depicts our capability to change from a position of pain into glory. Its roots begin in the murky dirt and climb via the river to the sun’s light.

Placing Crystal Lotus Flower in different locations in the house such as the, , , Living room, and other locations is meaningful.

Ideal Crystal Lotus Flower directions For Home and Office

It may potentially help you find a mate, improve and refine your present relationship, or assist you to acquire a mate.

Set the lotus in the reception area or office to benefit from its supposed wealth-attracting and wealth-protecting abilities. It will also serve as motivation for overcoming hurdles to success.

3) Bedroom Or Living Room

Assuming you understand your Peach Flower orientation, you may utilize this lotus as a powerful romance charm to help you heal from heartbreak or break-ups.

Best Ways For Displaying Crystal Lotus Flower

Display it in your workplace in the same way, and you’ll discover that you’re completing more sales since it may help you overcome hurdles and get an advantage in business discussions.

Placing the Crystal glass Lotus Flower in prominent locations like southwest, the reception area also acts as a message that if you set your focus on it, you shall emerge unhurt from any challenging circumstances.

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