13 Tips On Feng Shui For Anger Management (Crystals, Symbols, Colors)

Bhawana Rathore
3 min readOct 28, 2023

Anger is a normal and strong feeling that can sometimes get the best of us. Feng Shui is an old Chinese art of making spaces that are peaceful and orderly.

It has useful tools and methods that can help you control and get rid of your anger.

In this detailed guide, we’ll talk about Feng Shui For Anger Management, colors, gems, calming symbols, the Five Elements, and expert tips that can help you find mental balance and peace.

Also tips for setting up a peaceful environment, the role of specific Feng Shui objects in managing anger, lifestyle habits to embrace, and even the integration of these principles into our wardrobe and social media presence.

Feng Shui Tips for Curating a Calming Environment

Looking to transform your living space into an oasis of tranquility and balance? Embracing the principles of Feng Shui could be the perfect way to achieve this desirable state in your home.

Let’s get into some specific techniques and how they can help in creating a calming lifestyle haven.

Once you’ve delved into the foundational principles of Feng Shui, it’s time to tackle some more advanced aspects.

1. Floor Plan

Here’s an idea — mapping the Bagua, or energy map, over your floor plan.

Understanding the Bagua aspects can make it easier to decide where to place certain fixtures or furniture for the best harmonization.

For example, the north section, according to the Bagua, is linked to work life and career growth, so placing an office desk or vision board in this spot can potentially align your space with your ambitions.

Lighting also plays a pivotal role in Feng Shui. Elements of fire and light symbolize passion, joy and the energy of life.

Adequate natural light and warm ambiance lighting escalate the room’s vibrancy, lifting the spirits of everyone present.

Strategically placed mirrors can further enhance light distribution, casting a touch of luminosity in every corner.

3. Incorporating Feng Shui Friendly Plants

Let’s talk about plants.

In Feng Shui, plants represent growth, prosperity, and connection to nature. But selecting the right ones is key.

For instance, the Bamboo plant, due to its robust ability to grow, is considered a symbol of resilience and good luck.

Fragrant plants like Jasmine, well-regarded in Feng Shui for harboring positive energy, also make an excellent addition to your green family.

4. Feng Shui Artworks

Last but certainly not least, harness the power of Feng Shui using artworks that channel positive energy.

A captivating piece that evokes happiness or calm, well-positioned in your living room or bedroom, can distinctly improve the vibe of the space. Read the guide on feng shui artworks.

Remember, the crucial aspect is to choose art pieces that resonate with your personal aesthetic and align with your desired energy flow.

Reviving your home with such thoughtful attention to alignment and harmony not only elevates the aesthetics but also allows for a flow of positive energy that will enhance your overall well-being.

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